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Student Testimonials

Zaid Deshmukh
Course: CTH Level 7

My journey with Blue Whale Academy has been great and at the same time challenging as well with lots of ups and downs. I remember how nervous and lack of confidence I used to feel when I had to sit for any interviews. But as time passed on I learned a lot through various mock-drills and regular interactions and presentations in front of the faculty members I gradually became more and more confident.

I am very grateful to Blue Whale Academy for providing me with such a great platform and not only help improve my personality and skills but also helped me develop my confidence level.

I appreciate the efforts of the placement department and excellent faculty members who have helped me to shape up my career. Eventually I was offered a job by Company Name Trip Navigator Pvt. Ltd.

It feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I'm thankful to Blue Whale Academy for making us strong enough for professional careers ahead.

Ms. Abhilasha Gautama
Course: CTH Level 7

My placement journey has been an eventful one. Luckily studying with Blue Whale Academy, I did not face any problem as some people might face when it came to placements. I remember joining the academy on my birthday in 2014 for a Post Graduate Diploma in International Tourism & Hospitality (CTH course). We studied the most interesting subjects and got to work on assignments in 'the UK style'. I always went off track while working on assignments but luckily the faculty helped in such a way that I would score well and clear my assignments. My classmates and I were nervous giving presentations, but through the course our faculty guided us and moulded us to give corporate presentations , which is helping me now at work.

Fumbling at my mock interviews in the academy, I got my confidence and got my internship placement at Kuoni SOTC for 3 months as MICE Operations intern, which I completed while the course was still going on. It was a challenge to balance work and studying. But the academy was very supportive and pushed me to continue working and studying as it was almost the end of the course. The exposure of how the work life in a tourism company is, broadened a horizon that never existed. I learned a lot and I decided to join a smaller travel company on completion of my internship. The day I completed my internship at Kuoni SOTC, the very next day I joined a company called 'The Wanderers' which specializes in offbeat vacations and MICE.

I cracked the interview in this company only because we brushed our geography and did our destinations in the course. For an hour I was tested on how much I knew about the world but by the end of it I signed my joining letter on the spot. Now I am here completing 5 months as a Business Development Executive MICE. In 2 months of my job, I took a MICE group for a conference in Thailand. I have many MICE groups going to different parts of the world , of which I will be a part this year. I have traveled with my family on personal vacations but going on a corporate tour is another lifestyle. Working till 2 am at the destination and reporting at 6 am to manage the group is another thrill of working.

Our faculty made sure that we were polished by the end of our course to enter the real world. I am grateful that I was guided by the faculty to join the right course which will help me build my career.

It feels proud to be a part of this institute and I'm thankful to Blue Whale Academy for making us strong enough for professional careers ahead.

Ria Vipul Trivedi
Course: CTH Level 7

I did my Post Graduation Diploma course in Tourism & Hospitality through a UK University named CTH.

I remember how nervous I used to be when I had to do any presentations. After various mock-drills and regular interactions and presentations in front of the faculty members I gradually became more and more confident. A shy girl started giving speech standing on stage and gave interviews fearlessly, participated in various events like exhibitions and World Tourism Day, etc. is an achievement by itself. During the course I got to learn many things about this industry with the help of the faculty in Blue Whale Academy.

Now after around 15 months of my course I gradually became more and more confident I am very grateful to Blue Whale Academy for providing me such a great platform to not only enhance my skills but also developed my confidence level.

I even thank the placement cell for offering me a good job. Currently I’m working with Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation as a Marketing Executive earning a good amount as a fresher. It feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I'm thankful to Blue Whale Academy for making us strong enough for professional careers ahead.

Vishakha Sonawane
Ex-Student of Blue Whale Academy – (2014-2015)

I’m glad that I got an opportunity to study in Blue Whale Academy. Because of Blue Whale today I have reached up to a success that I have got an opportunity to work with a well-known company like Veena World.

Due to support of Blue Whale's Faculty and my hard work, I got a job profile of a Info-Centre employee also because of the vast knowledge about Travel and Tourism sector I was promoted to branch office as a Front Sales Management. The teaching staff of Blue Whale was very supportive and helped me to learn further. I’m glad and thankful to all the faculty members for guiding me to move towards the right path.

Mayur Balla
Course: BSC In Tourism & Hospitality

Hello I am Mayur Balla, currently pursuing BSC in Tourism and Hospitality Management

I am glad to say that by choosing this academy I have realized what a professional life is. The teachers of the Academy are very close to the students, they understand each and every problem of the students and support them in every way. The teachers are very friendly with the students. This helps students share their difficulties.

I personally feel that this is the best institution, for those who are planning their career in the hospitality and tourism industry because I got many good changes in my life after joining this academy

Deepali Karnik
Course: BSC In Tourism & Hospitality

Traveling has always been my passion from the very beginning and I was sure I wanted to get into this field after my studies. So I decided to pursue a career field.

I love the nature of academics associated with this field and I completely enjoy studying at Blue Whale. Blue whale academy has taught me a lot in a year's time. I have also learnt a great deal through events like IITM,World Tourism Day, the Indian Merchant Chamber that the Academy is associated with - these have helped shaped my personality a lot. From being an introvert to opening up in class and college, it has helped me a lot to communicate as well. I've improved in every aspect thanks to the faculty who helped me shape my personality. I'm grateful I chose this academy to be my stepping stone to success.

Mohnish Limbasia
Course: CTH Level-4

My name is Mohnish Limbasia and I am a CTH L-4 student. I have been a part of Blue Whale Academy since November 2015. Learning this course has been fun ever since I have been a part of this academy. The faculty members in this academy are very friendly and helping. Learning is made easy with the help of interactive videos and practical knowledge from the market point of view. Days like World Tourism Day and others different events are celebrated. Since the day I have joined Blue Whale Academy it has been a great experience in learning and developing my skills. There has been a great improvement in my output so far. The approach of this academy is purely professional. In the span of 6 months I have become a pure professional individual who is market ready to be hired.

Aurelia Misquitta
Course: BSC In Tourism & Hospitality

I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do after my HSC. I did a little research. But then I landed up doing my FY-BA. It took me a year to realize that BA is not something that I wanted to pursue. I realized then traveling was my passion and always has been. Why not pursue something in the field that I love? I did research on different academies & universities finding more about the travel course. I then came across Blue Whale Academy. I wasn't very comfortable talking to new people. It's been almost a year I'm in the academy and a lot has changed. From being a little shy to talking my mind out. Learning new things is my favorite now. Every class we have we learn new things from our student friendly staff. My experience with Blue whale academy as for one year has been amazing. We've participated in so many events including the IITM, INDIA MERCHANT CHAMBERS EVEN, ETC. We've been for a picnic as well. Where everyone had a blast including the faculty and the students. It's been my privilege being a student of this academy, as far as year goes I didn't see myself so far here and am proud of the changes in me. The faculty helps us a lot not in our studies but overall in shaping our personality. And I'm proud to say that I study in this academy and I still have 2 more years here and do plan to continue in this field.

Jalpa Kapadia
Course: MBA In Tourism & Hotel management

I am currently pursuing my MBA in tourism and hotel management through Blue Whale Academy. It was a wise decision to join this academy. I have grown a lot studying with this academy. The faculty over here is highly skilled and they guide you to your path very aptly. I have got many opportunities studying with them. I have got a chance to participate in various events like the IITM ( India International Travel Mart), OTM (Outbound Travel Mart) and in the celebration of World Tourism Day. We have got field trips from here. They had taken us to Sula Wines, which was a great learning experience. We even had a small picnic to Adlabs Imagica . Studying with Blue Whale is a great experience as I have seen a great development in my interpersonal skills and have even earned a lot of knowledge from the faculties here which has helped and will help me in my future as well. I am thankful to them for shaping my career in such a beautiful way.

Larissa Creado
Course: MBA Student

I feel immensely glad to be writing this testimony for Blue Whale Academy because it gives me a way to show my gratitude to the faculties without whose valuable guidance and assistance I would not have been able to make such confident decisions while selecting my universities for applications. The best part that I liked about Blue whale Academy was that they are always there to solve the tiniest of your queries at any time of the day. Through Blue Whale Academy I got a big opportunity to participate in the (STUDENT OF THE YEAR 2016) as a Top 5 Finalist and Contest hosted by ITQ which is major player in this industry. Also the faculties pay utmost attention to the individual profile and guide regarding the SOPs etc keeping your individual profile in mind.

All in all, I am very happy with all the assistance I am being given and would recommend Blue Whale Academy to all the prospective students planning for an education Tourism and hospitality.

Rincy Rajan
Course: MBA Student

Hi, I am Rincy Rajan studying in Blue Whale Academy and I am doing MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management. It was my own personal interest to do something different from other MBA courses so I searched for many colleges who actively deliver tourism courses and I came up with Blue Whale Academy. As it is my first year in my MBA course, I got a good platform to know about tourism. My college gave me a good platform to know about my course and gave me many opportunities whereby I went for many field work, events and trip . I have been to OTM and Indian Merchant Chamber conference which really helped me to know more about my course and travel industry. As my second year is remaining, I hope I will get more knowledge about this industry through Blue Whale Academy.

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