Wish to be the CEO of a travel company? Start your career as a Package Tour Designer & Marketer

While the Indian travellers’ quest for new destinations is at an all time high, their style of travel hasn’t changed drastically over the years. When it comes to travel exploration, Backpacking is the most popular style in USA & in Europe. But in India, backpacking has a very esoteric appeal. It’s only for the hardened traveller. The Indian traveller still feels more comfortable travelling in a group rather than travelling alone. It’s not surprising to see the heavy consumption of PACKAGE TOURS in India.

So, do you think you have the ability for designing, marketing & selling PACKAGE TOURS? In our this blog post, we find out the academic necessities and skill sets that one requires to become successful in designing package tours. Let’s begin with understanding what package tours are.

What are package tours?
Package tours are holidays commercially organised by a travel company. The package tours are marketed as an ALL-INCLUSIVE holiday with arrangements made for the travellers

  • Air fare
  • Visa & Insurance
  • Accommodation & Stay
  • Food
  • Local Travel
  • Sight Seeing & Museum Tickets


Who fits this job?
To be a Package Tour Designer & Marketer requires deep knowledge of the travel, tourism & hospitality industry fundamentals and is required to manage the entire life cycle i.e. from strategic planning to execution of the Package Tour.

Blue Whale Academy’s MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management (UGC Approved) & PGDM in Tourism Management (UGC approved) cover the theoretical fundamentals & concepts such as Travel Experiences, Travel Preferences, Airline Pricing, Hotel & Accommodation Pricing, Sales & Distribution Channels, etc.

Students who have just finished their Higher Secondary Examinations (12th Standard) can also opt in for BSc in Tourism & Hospitality Management (UGC approved)

As a Package Tour Designer & Marketer, you could work with any Holiday Company such as Cox & Kings, Thomas Cook, Kuoni, MakeMyTrip.com, Yatra.com or also with experiential companies such as Blue Berry Trails, Backpacker & Co. etc.

For people with entrepreneurial spirit, this Job Profile offers a very detailed insight into the working of multiple aspects of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry and thus offers them the perfect background to be able to start their own Travel Company in the future.

What qualifications should any candidate possess?
Package Tour Designer is not a guest-facing profile, but requires deep understanding of consumer behaviour & preferences. An ideal candidate would be one who possesses the following attributes.

  • Excellent understanding of the destinations/ geographies for which the package tour will be designed
  • Consumer tastes & preferences where the package tour will be marketed & sold
  • Planning of itineraries based on Airline Schedules, Local Weather, Travel Necessities, Tourist Attractions & Sight-Seeing, etc.
  • Complete understanding of Product Pricing Strategies
  • Cross functional understanding of areas such as Contracting, Marketing & Communication, Finance, Sales & Distribution etc.

What does a Package Tour Designer do?
A Package Tour Designer’s job profile is very interesting as it involves managing the complete life cycle of the package tour. One could be package tour designer of Outbound Tours – International, Outbound Tours – Domestic or Inbound Tours. While Outbound Tours are primarily aimed for Indians, Inbound Tours are aimed at Foreign Tourists.

  • Surveying & short listing travel experiences & destinations in popular countries. Examples would be Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Europe, Australia & New Zealand in case of Outbound Tours – International. For Outbound Tours – Domestic, examples would Leh & Laddakh, Goa, Kerala, North East. In case of Inbound Tours, the examples would be Rajasthan, Goa etc.
  • Research & factor in the off-season & lean-season nature of the package tour
  • Finalise local sight-seeing destinations & tourist attractions that would be included in the package tour
  • Finalise the duration (Ex. 4 Days & 5 Nights ) of the tour and introduce options if required
  • Liaison with internal teams & external vendors to work out the economics of consumables such as Airline Tickets, Hotel & Accommodation, Local Travel Arrangement & Expenses, etc.
  • Detail out the expenses that would be incurred by your company and suggest the optimum sale price for the package tour
  • Introduce flexibility in the package tour such that it allows customisation by the traveller
  • Brainstorm with the marketing team to define unique selling propositions to your package tour

How is the work environment?

  • Working Hours: A Package Tour Designer is a desk job and is one of the few jobs in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry that are 9-5 in nature. The job profile requires travel which is obviously an additional perk.
  • Place of work: Is usually the corporate head office or regional office of the travel company.

How about the career progression & growth?
Package tours form a major portion of the revenues of any Travel Company. Hence, these jobs are also one with immense growth opportunities. For one, this is one of the few non-guest facing jobs in the travel & tourism industry that requires travel. Growth for any Package Tour Designer comes by handling territories of higher revenue. As Package Tour Designers & Marketers understand the business aspects very well, they generally progress to head departments. In some cases, the person could also progress to become the Chief Executive Officer.

How much is the starting salary?
There are many factors that define the salary scale in this profile. The nature of tour (Outbound / Inbound), the type of company (Multinational Holiday Company/ Experiential Travel Company/ Regional Tour Operator), play a factor in deciding the salary scales. Fresher(s) typically begin on salary scales of INR 20,000 per month and above. With increasing responsibilities & designations, the salary offered is one of the most lucrative as compared with other contemporary industries.

How to become a Package Tour Designer & Marketer?
A deep rooted passion for travel is an absolute necessity for becoming a Package Tour Designer & Marketer. Coupled with this passion, a complete knowledge of theoretical concepts the travel & tourism industry and also the business aspects & dynamics of the industry are required. Blue Whale Academy offers courses that provide the theoretical concepts. All these courses have Summer Internships & On-the-Job Trainings as a part of the curriculum during which a student could explore a Package Tour Designer & Marketer job profile.
Interested in this job profile? Now take a step ahead and get to know the many companies that you could work for as a Package Tour Designer & Marketer. Get your free copy here

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