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In the Hospitality Industry, there are probably just a few things that could surpass the glitz & glamour surrounding a 5 STAR HOTEL. These hotels are prominent landmarks and are often the benchmarks of prosperity for any city. More the number, the more prosperous the city is considered.
It’s no surprise then that, many youngsters aspire to work in 5 Star Hotels. If you are one of them and have been exploring various job profiles for a career with 5-Star Hotels, then you can begin your career as a Guest Relations Executive.

What does a Guest Relations Executive do?
Guest Relations Executives are the face of the 5-Star Hotel as they are in-charged with the responsibilities of the reception & lobby services. Right from the time any guest checks-in to the time of her check-out, a Guest Relations Executive is responsible for ensuring an overall pleasant stay of the guest. Excellent personnel skills of a Guest Relations Executive are directly responsible for creating brand loyalty among the visiting guests. By shaping the overall experience of the guest, Guest Relations Executives are directly responsible for ensuring ‘positive reviews’ by the guests on various hotel booking & travel websites.

Who can become a Guest Relations Executive?
The hospitality & hotel industry is very strict on the knowledge & grooming standards of its guest facing staff. Hence any one aspiring to be a Guest Relations Executive is expected to be well versed with the theoretical aspects of the travel, tourism & hospitality industry. At the same time, the aspirant is also expected to be fluent in English & atleast one regional language, have a very pleasant personality and very strong interpersonal skills.
A graduate degree in travel, tourism & hospitality will enable fundamental understanding of the core concepts of the industry.
Blue Whale Academy’s BSc in Tourism & Hospitality Management (UGC approved) is a graduate course that is custom built for ensuring a holistic understanding of the core concepts in travel, tourism & hospitality. For, those looking at international certifications, there’s CTH Level 4 (UK Qualification)

What qualifications should any candidate possess?
The guest facing side in a 5-Star Hotel demands the most immaculate grooming standards. Candidates aspiring to be Guest Relations Executive are expected to

  • Be excellent in appearance & personality
  • Have very strong grooming standards
  • Have very strong interpersonal skills & team management skills
  • Be fluent in English. Fluency in any foreign language is an added advantage
  • Be quick learners & posses high knowledge about the city & competition

What does a Guest Relations Executive do?
Attending to guests, assisting them with their queries and courteously handling any complaints are the key responsibilities of a Guest Relations Executive. During the time of stay of any VIP such as Sportsmen, Businessmen, Leaders & Foreign Dignitaries, the responsibilities of a Guest Relations Executive become even more crucial. Below are the detailed work responsibilities of a Guest Relations Executive

  • Block all rooms as per guest satisfaction viz. Street facing/ Sea facing, Atrium facing, Smoking/ Non-Smoking, Floor etc.
  • Be completely conversant with the facilities provided in all the rooms & ensure all amenities are placed before the guest’s arrival
  • Co-ordinate with the guest & and the travel desk for airport pick-up service
  • Receive the guest, complete the check-in formalities & escort the guests as per the standard operating procedures
  • Brief the guests on all the amenities such as restaurants, ticketing, shopping areas, spas, library etc. that can be availed off
  • Emphasise especially on the complimentary services offered to the guest
  • Know the duration of stay of the guests and be aware of their preferences to be able to take extra care of them
  • Update guests on the various offers, food festivals, shopping carnivals etc. of the Hotel
  • Pay courtesy calls on the guests to check on their comfort
  • Advice on city’s sight-seeing areas, tourist attractions, shopping areas and bazaars and co-ordinate for any travel arrangement if required
  • Co-ordinate with House Keeping Services for clearing & cleaning of rooms
  • Collect guest feedback during guest departure along with her likes & dislikes
  • Complete the check-out formalities & billing of the guest at the time of the check-out

How is the work environment?
A 5-Star Hotel offers a very swanky & plush work environment. Other aspects of work environment are as follows:

  • Working Hours: 5 Star Hotels are 24 hour establishments and hence demand working in shifts such as Morning, Evening & Night shifts. As many international flights arrive & depart during the night time, Night shifts are as busy & hectic as could be morning & evening shifts.
  • Week-Offs & Holidays: Guest Relations Executives usually get a weekly off on any day other than Saturdays & Sundays. Apart from this, Guest Relations Executives are also required to work on public holidays such as Independence Day & Republic day or during religious festivals & celebrations
  • Place of work: The reception & lobby area of the 5-Star establishment are the typical work areas assigned to a Guest Relation Executive.
  • Grooming & appearance: To help identification, a Guest Relation Executive is required to wear the Hotel’s official uniform. In India, the official uniform for women is a Sari while for men it is usually western formals with a blazer.

How about the career progression & growth?
Major avenues of career growth are available when one starts her career as Guest Relations Executive. With increasing experience & work exposure, Guest Relations Executive are aligned to key functions such as Conference, Exhibitions & Events, or are aligned to VIP & VVIP guests. Excellent performers could also get opportunities in other areas of operations and could also rise to become General Managers of the specific Hotel outlet.

How much is the starting salary?
Fresher(s) typically begin on salary scales ranging from INR 12,000 per month to INR 18,000 per month. International assignments usually fetch higher starting salaries typically in the range of INR 35,000 to INR 50,000.

How to become a Guest Relations Executive?
Blue Whale Academy offers courses that provide the theoretical concepts and also extend opportunities of Summer Internships and On-the-Job Trainings as a part of the curriculum. While interning with a 5-Star Hotel would require some work-experience, an aspirant could also look at gaining experience with 3-Star or 4-Star Hotels. Selection of the right course is very important as is the correct theoretical knowledge of the travel, tourism & hospitality industry. A Guest Relations Executive is one the most ‘in-demand’ jobs across the world especially in tourism driven countries such as India, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia etc. This presents great opportunities for international assignments as well.

Some 5-Star chains you should look forward to begin your career as Guest Relations Executive
Taj Hotels & Resorts

Oberoi Trident

Leela Group of Hotels

JW Marriott Group of Hotels

Hyatt Hotels

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