Being a Travel Consultant is good fun and also rewarding

Indians love to travel. Today, the famed Indian Middle Class are an avid traveller & also an excited explorer. They love undertaking trips both in India and abroad. And, when they do take these trips, they need professional advice to help plan their itinerary, hotel stay, etc. all well within their discussed budget. Now you know that we Indians love bargaining and we also try to squeeze in everything in smaller budgets. That’s where the services of a TRAVEL CONSULTANT are desired.

Who is a Travel Consultant?
A Travel Consultant is a travel professional who helps holiday makers plan their holiday by helping them design their itinerary, booking their accommodation and in managing their costing/ budget.

Who fits this job?
On the passion side, to be a Travel Consultant, all one needs is to be well versed with the geography & the dynamics of various destinations.
On the business side, one needs to clearly understand pricing models adopted by airlines, hotels and other services. A complete understanding of the business metrics of tourism is also desired.
Any person graduate aspiring to be a Travel Consultant can get a post graduation certificate in these business skills by enrolling for Blue Whale Academy’s PGDM in Tourism Management (UGC approved). For those who have just finished their 12th standard examinations, BSc in Tourism & Hospitality Management (UGC approved) is the perfect course. These courses cover the theoretical fundamentals & concepts such as Airline Pricing, Hotel & Accommodation Pricing, Sales & Distribution Channels, etc.
One should also have an appetite for sales as the profile requires convincing skills, routine follow-ups and satisfying customer expectation.

What qualifications should any candidate possess?
A Travel Consultant profile is a guest facing profile. If you are a Travel Consultant with an e-commerce/ technology travel company, then your communication with client would be primarily telephonic conversations. Holiday companies would generally seek out candidates who have

  • Good knowledge about the international tourist destinations
  • Planning & designing of itineraries based on Airline Schedules, Local Weather, Travel Necessities, Tourist Attractions & Sight-Seeing, etc. with ability to customise an existing holiday package or building an entirely new one as per customer’s need
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge about airline ticketing software(s) such as GDS

What does a Travel Consultant do?
You could be a Travel Consultant for Foreign Destinations or for Domestic Destinations. In either case, a Travel Consultant profile requires you to

  • Handle the complete life-cycle of a customer’s query including regular follow-ups & co-ordination for all travel arrangements such as Passports & Visa etc
  • Customise the itinerary of an existing holiday package or form a completely new itinerary as per the demand of the holiday maker
  • Suggests improvisations based on the type of holiday desired viz. Honeymoon, Family Vacation, Bachelors’ Excursion Party etc.
  • Suggest on local sight-seeing options & must visit places at the destination

How is the work environment?

  • Working Hours: As a Travel Consultant, you would be required to work at regular office working hours viz. 9am to 5pm.
  • Place of work: Is usually the corporate head office or regional office of the travel company.

How about the career progression & growth?
A Travel Consultant directly contributes to the top line of the company. The first round of growth usually comes in seniority. With increased experience, a Travel Consultant would usually find herself leading the sales initiatives of the new tour & travel packages introduced by the company. Exceptionally performing Travel Consultants could also get opportunities to become Product Managers (Read a Product Manager’s Job Profile here).
Travel Consultants who consult for Luxury Tours secure a very high salary growth as they service a very elite group of clients.
As Travel Consultants are from the core business side of the company, opportunities of becoming the top executive of your company are also not remote.

How much is the starting salary?
Again, there are many factors that define the salary scale in this profile. For example:

  • What Travel Consultant are you (Foreign / Domestic)
  • What type of company do you work for? (Multinational Holiday Company/ Experiential Travel Company/ Regional Tour Operator/ e-Commerce Travel Company)
  • Type of Travel (Luxury Travel Consultant/ Economy Travel Consultant)
  • How experienced are you? (Fresher/ Very experienced)

Fresher(s) typically begin on salary scales of INR 15,000 per month and above. With increasing responsibilities & designations, the salary offered is one of the most lucrative as compared with other contemporary industries.

How to become a Travel Consultant?
Blue Whale Academy offers courses that provide the theoretical concepts. All our courses have Summer Internships & On-the-Job Trainings as a part of the curriculum during which a student could explore a Package Tour Designer & Marketer job profile.
Having a flair for SALES would always be an extra added advantage. So would be knowledge about various tourist destinations.

Interested in becoming a Travel Consultant? Now take a step ahead and get to know the many companies that you could work for as a Package Tour Designer & Marketer. Get your free copy here

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