Being a Tour Manager is great fun. Here’s what a Tour Manager does…

BlueWhale-Academy-MBA-in-tourism-hotel-management-tour-manager-1Holiday & travel is fast becoming non-negotiable on to-do list of many Indians. It’s hardly surprising to know that the number of Indians travelling abroad is set to increase from 15 million annually to 50 million by 2020. The total spend by Indians on foreign travel & holidays is expected to touch $91 billion (approximately 54000 crore rupees) by 2030. No wonder that Holiday Companies are taking a note of this increasing travel spend. This will lead to a sharp increase in the demand for TOUR MANAGERS.
So, in the blog post for today, Blue Whale Academy takes you through the typical job profile of a Tour Manager.

Who fits this job?
A Tour Manager profile is best suited for students of MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management or Graduates in Tourism Management who don’t get excited by the typical corporate office jobs in functions such as Marketing, Sales & Business Development, Tourism Product Development etc.

What qualifications should any candidate possess?
As a Tour Manager, you would be interacting with the guests upfront over a long duration and hence would be required to put on your best skills forward to be a great host. An ideal candidate should have:

  • Pleasing personality & high grooming standards
  • Excellent communication skills in English & Hindi
  • Spoken fluency in atleast one popular foreign language such as French, Spanish, German
  • Very strong analytical skills in interpreting situations and data

On the business front, a candidate is expected to possess:

  • Great co-ordination, planning & organising skills
  • Professional knowledge related to travel documents & formalities, medical insurance, airline ticketing & luggage rules, hotel & accommodation rules, forex & traveller cheque rules etc.
  • Professional knowledge related to history, arts & culture, people, tourist destinations, geography & food about each destinations in all the countries of travel

BlueWhale-Academy-MBA-in-tourism-hotel-management-tour-manager-2What does a Tour Manager do?
As a Tour Manager, you would be the top executive representing your company and chiefly responsible for

  • Co-ordinating all travel arrangements with respect to flights, accommodation, meals & services, etc. as per the itinerary promised by your company
  • Advise holiday makers about facilities during travel and at their place of accommodation
  • Deal with critical issues such as over-booking by airlines, lost baggage by airlines, stolen passports, stolen travel documents
  • Organising entry tickets to local sight-seeing attractions, and co-ordinating with service providers for local transport
  • Complete all billing & payment formalities at with all partner vendors such as Hotel Partners, Meal & Service Partners etc.
  • Respond to special requests such as details on buying local mobile phone SIM Card, impromptu arrangement of Cakes for Birthdays & Anniversary celebrations etc. made by the travelling group
  • Crisis management during unfortunate events such as Medical Emergencies, Accidents etc.
  • Take feedback from the travelling group and file a report with your company

How is the work environment?

  • Working Hours: While on a tour, a Tour Manager’s work schedule is hectic as she is on a 24 hour duty. To ensure smooth progress of the tour, a Tour Manager’s responsibilities require her to be dedicated in ensuring the comfort of the travelling group which usually stretches a typical working day to 14-15 hours of work each day.
  • Place of work: A Tour Manager is a traveller’s DREAM JOB. Visiting different foreign countries is the biggest perk. Every aspect of a Tour Manager’s travel viz. ticket, stay, meals & daily expenses are taken care by the Holiday Company. When a Tour Manager is leading a tour, she spends time at the company’s head office and assists the product development team by providing various insights about the itinerary, travel arrangements & services etc.

BlueWhale-Academy-MBA-in-tourism-hotel-management-tour-manager-3How about the career progression & growth?
A Tour Manager’s profile promises satisfactory growth & career progression. As every holiday company has premium & luxury tour packages, a Tour Manager’s typical growth involves leading tours that are more premium & hence profit earning. With more experience, the scale of the tour to be managed also increases. Senior Tour Managers are responsible for handling & leading corporate tours that easily see batches of 300+ tourists.

In very senior capacity, Tour Managers are tasked with responsibility of arranging & escorting High Value Individuals such as CEOs & Presidents of Big Corporate Companies, Sports Stars & Celebrities etc.
A Tour Manager can also expect lateral movements and progress to become Business Heads or CEOs of Tour Packages in their companies.

How much is the starting salary?
A Tour Manager’s salary rises exponentially with experience. Although salaries vary with the scale of the Holiday Company, typical starting salaries are in the range of INR 25,000/- per month. Because of the amount of travel involved, many Tour Managers end up saving significant portion of their salaries. Free visit to tourist destinations is an added perk which is simply invaluable.

How to become a Tour Manager?
Blue Whale Academy, Mumbai offers UGC recognised & internationally certified courses that educate an aspirant with the right theoretical knowledge to become an expert in the field of Travel, Tourism & Hospitality. Blue Whale Academy goes beyond just imparting theoretical knowledge by including summer internships & on-the-job-training that allows students of travel & tourism courses to experience different job profiles & chose the one that best suits them.

BlueWhale-Academy-MBA-in-tourism-hotel-management-tour-manager-4Did you know that there are so many awesome companies in the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Industry? From new age e-Commerce Technology Companies to traditional Holiday Companies, to Tourism Boards to Airlines – see the list of the many companies that you can work with by downloading our Placement Guide. Click here to download the Placement Guide Now.

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