Travel And Tourism Management Courses – A Good Career Choice For Bright Future

Gone are the days when students had limited career choices to make, and all they were stuck with is professions that they had less interest in. In the present times, there are a plethora of career options that allow students to pursue their dreams and be successful in their field while earning a lucrative income. One such option is the travel and tourism course where students get a close insight into what the travel and tourism industry is all about. There are hotel bookings, arrangements for transportation, ticketing, being tour guides or even starting a travel agency of your own. All of this is nothing less than exciting especially when you like exploring new places and like everyone else to have a great time during their holiday. There are multiple benefits to its name when it comes to pursuing such a course. Read on to know how you can gain from it.

You get to know about multiple locations

If you are inquisitive to explore the world, this is one of the best career options to choose. You could be a tour operator or a tour guide where you travel with clients or welcome visitors to take them along to the places to visit, a travel agency manager where you make bookings and set up holidays for clients and much more. With such jobs, you get to be thorough with locations right from accommodations, transportation, places of interest, restaurants, etc. You could either be at the location or manage things from your place of operation and know of places well.

You get to start a company of your own

With a degree or a certificate for travel and tourism, you get the freedom to be your boss. You could start a travel agency of your own while booking holidays and packages for individuals, families, corporate and anyone else who needs a guided traveling experience. When you do so, you get to create collaborations with multiple hotels, transportation booking offices, etc. while making it easy for you to book tickets as well as ensure that your client has a safe, hassle-free and guided tour to their preferred location. It could be within your country or outside it; you get to interact with several associated with similar businesses.

There are multiple career options

As discussed, there are multiple career options that you can choose. You could be a tour guide, a tour operator, a travel agency manager, a currency exchange expert/advisor, employee at government tourist boards of countries/states, etc. There are times when hotels recruit people with a degree in travel and tourism to help them with organizing trips and tours for their guests. This too can give you the option of exploring new ventures and meeting new people. While there are multiple institutions that assist with travel and tourism management courses, it is essential to choose only that travel tourism academy that is accredited and has a reputation of bringing out the best from their students. Checking their faculty and placement records could give you an idea of how successful they would be in sculpting a career for you

Hospitality and Tourism Myths

With the breaking down of barriers between countries, it has become very common for a family from a particular country taking a vacation in an attractive location of another country instead of going to only their domestic locations. Even from the point of view of business, globalization has meant more companies setting up offices in different countries which has let to lots of cross border travel. This has seen a lot of interest in international hospitality and tourism management courses. But because it has seen lots of evolutions in very short time in recent years, there have been many myths associated with hospitality and tourism. Let us take a look at some of them below :

  • Many people still believe that hospitality only refers to the hotel industry. As it has panned out in recent years, hospitality also includes many other aspects like wine tours, curated food destinations, ticketing and logistics, sea cruises etc., just to name a few.
  • Hospitality and tourism is an industry where you can dress up well and smile a lot. This is the wrong notion that several people have about the hospitality and tourism industries. It involves a lot of skill development, strategic planning, and sometimes physically demanding work as well (imaging standing for 8 hours straight at a front office).
  • Many people (and shockingly their children too, who are thinking about career choices) believe that the number of career options in the travel and tourism sector or in the hospitality industry are very limited. This could not be more wrong, and there is a surprisingly bewildering variety of hospitality courses one can choose from.
  • A big myth that is very commonly held is that there are not many places to get formally trained in hospitality and tourism. If the student does his or her homework well, there are a number of high quality institutes which offer UGC recognized courses which are respected in the industry.
  • The general image people associate with someone in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry is that they can speak well, they do look good, but they do not have brains enough. This is very demeaning and more so because it is totally wrong. When you undergo a course, you will be trained in business accounting, marketing, financial accounting, geography, and maybe even foreign languages.
  • The number of myths associated with this industry are legendary. Some people believe that everybody in the hospitality and tourism industry is paid a huge salary. While it is indeed true for some specific job roles, it is not true for everyone. On the other hand, the notion that many people hold about the low paying entry level salaries in this industry are also not accurate. The truth is that like any other industry, the salaries depend on the education and the experience, and also on the complexity of the job description.

For someone looking to make a career in the hospitality or the travel and tourism sector, it is important to look beyond these myths and find out authentic information about the courses, the institutes and the career options available.

The Challenges Faced by the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is a good example of the volatile industries. To begin with, this industry is not immune from political, social and economic shifts. Many of these factors are outside the control of travel companies and tourism boards. However, being aware of the factors can enable people who have invested in this industry to be more proactive and develop adaptive strategies quickly. Some of the challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry include:


Tourism is one of the sectors that governments heavily tax. If you glance at the taxes paid on hotel rooms and airline tickets, you can get an idea of the way taxation can negatively affect tourism. It is therefore important for the travel and tourism industry to offer competitive prices for its services and products. Governments should also realize that tourists already contribute to local economies through purchases and other expenditures associated with tourism.

Travel marketing

Tourists or travelers can at times deem travel marketing to be false, inadequate or exaggerated. Marketing entities can change this perception by working towards creating innovative marketing solutions so that they can attract travelers. Travel marketers should also harness creativity and technology. They should also pay attention to local content.


Globalization has created less distinctive locales. Due to global standardization, indistinguishable products are found in every country. If a person is traveling in order to learn or have an opportunity to explore the different and unique, then the lack of unique products becomes a tourism challenge. An example is that shopping malls all over the world tend to offer matching products. Many travelers also find hotels to be so standardized to the point that they almost forget the country in which the hotel is located. Localization is vital. Therefore, travel firms and tourism boards should know how to connect with foreign travelers. They should create multilingual websites and use translation services.


Although security is a major challenge to the travel and tourism industry, many industry leaders have failed to confront security issues. A majority of tourism offices or visitor and convention bureaus lack or have almost no contact with law enforcement departments. Many police departments also lack officers who are trained in tourism oriented policing or protection services. It is vital for industry players to work towards creating a better security infrastructure for travelers.

Despite these challenges, the travel and tourism industry is growing and offers many employment opportunities. If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in this industry, taking travel and tourism courses is a step in the right direction. You can take such courses in a reputable travel tourism academy like the Blue Whale Academy. This academy has trained students pursuing careers in travel and hospitality for many years.
The Blue Whale Academy is recognized in the travel and tourism industry for offering intensive professional training and for providing the students with a platform that enables them to find employment at various levels in this industry. This is the best institute for MBA in travel and tourism.  At Blue Whale we have trained hundreds of students in a number or short term and long term courses. This includes university programs like MBA and BBA. We also have an excellent track record when it comes to job placement for our students.

International Business Management Courses- Accelerate Career Growth

Globalization is an economic tidal wave that is sweeping over the world. Therefore, it is crucial to know that how to manage companies which operate outside their home countries. Managing such companies is a big challenge. For instance, it can be daunting to finance a firm that has a number of branches around the world and can face different banking systems, financial markets, currencies and cultures.

In order to manage companies those have operations in different countries, you need to have a proper knowledge about the international businesses. You can achieve this by taking up our International Business Management courses which will provide you with the skills you need to run a multicultural enterprise.

The international business industry is constantly evolving and this leaves many students wondering what exactly they can do with an international business degree. The fact is that there are many things you can do with such a certification or degree. Let us look at some of the benefits of pursuing a degree in International Business Management.

Gain extensive knowledge of foreign markets

The modern global trade enables organizations to grow fast. One of the reasons why this expansion takes place is that the international business professionals possess advanced knowledge. Possessing an advanced knowledge of foreign markets offers enterprises with an opportunity to broaden their market shares and increase their profits in the processes. With an International Business Degree, you will be able to understand how enterprises can position themselves better for the foreign markets.

Enhance your communication skills

Communication is an important aspect for doing an International business. When you travel to other countries, you will encounter diverse and new cultures as well as unfamiliar languages. Global business relationships can only thrive if and only if you have an effective communication skill. Foreign language courses are often included in the curriculum of students who are majoring in international business. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for facing the linguistic challenges of an International business.

Organizational leadership

When you take up International Business management courses, you will learn the basic leadership and management qualities required for working in an organization. Also, you will learn about improving the business hierarchy and corporate structures. In addition to this, you can also acquire knowledge about what you can do to motivate the employees effectively for improving the overall efficiency of an enterprise.

Critical and analytical thinking

Critical and analytical thinking involves evaluating the problems and situations thoroughly before you dissect all the facts to reach a conclusion. You will learn to take decisions without assuming anything or by holding any biases. In addition, you will also learn how you can have a clear line of thought before you take any step.


Creativity is putting your imaginations to the work for gaining results. It is necessary to be creative when tackling with unexpected or new problems in a business. Being creative will also help for searching innovative solutions for the problems or for launching new products among other competitors.

As you can see, you will gain a lot of useful knowledge by taking an International Business Management course in Mumbai. You can take such a course at the Blue Whale Academy. The academy has many years of experience in training students, particularly in the field of travel and hospitality. We also offer courses in marketing management, human resource management, business management and also include some emerging segments like animation and visual content creation and designing. We ensure to offer high quality training for all our students for making them good professionals.

How advanced technology has boosted the hospitality industry

These days, the world is being run by technology. No matter where you look this stands true and as such the hospitality industry cannot be an exception to this norm. In fact, this particular industry is one area which has been benefited immensely by technology. There are so many tech tools that are being used in this domain such as the algorithms that are used regularly in machine learning as well as artificial intelligence (AI). Technology has in fact revolutionized each and every aspect of the hospitality industry. In fact, it has enabled the consumers of this industry to make plans without any problem whatsoever.

Greater productivity and efficiency

You do need an MBA in hospitality to better learn how to use technology in this particular sector though. Thanks to its use of technology the industry has become a lot more efficient and productive than what it used to be. Coming back to the consumers making plans in a seamless manner – people can now easily use an app on their smartphone and reserve a dinner or arrange accommodation for their next big vacation. In fact, it is common knowledge to see consumers using technology that makes their experiences at restaurants a lot better.

What are the people saying?

In fact, a recent report stated that 73 percent of its correspondent revealed that using a restaurant tech made their experience significantly better. 95 percent of restaurant owners also feel that when they use technology it makes their business a lot more effective than before.

Businesses focused on people

With the help of the best hospitality courses, you would learn how to focus on the people’s side of the business. In fact, in spite of the increasing use of technology in this industry, there are plenty of restaurants and hotels that still think of themselves as businesses that are focused on people.

The Truth of the matter

It is not that they deny the technological side of things but for them, the human aspect happens to be a lot more important. The actual truth of the matter, in this case, is that people who use technology more often in their work are able to focus on serving people to a greater extent than those who do not. Thanks to the technology they are able to come out of their back-office more often and are able to spend a greater deal of time in their front offices.

It is here that they are able to make a greater difference to the teams that are working under them as well as the guests that make their world go round.


The thing is, no matter what business you are in if you wish to remain in the hunt you have got to use technology at the very least. This is the reason why the leaders in this domain need to use technology that helps them with their back office work and thus provide a much better experience for their users. Technology can help streamline things and thus make it a win-win position for all the parties involved.

Why MBA in Hospitality is in the Limelight in India?

There are enough reasons for the students now as to why they are pursuing an MBA in Hospitality. But if you are looking for enough reasons to make sure that you make the right decisions, you are on the right page. Considering a job in the hospitality industry comes with a lot of perks. You can be a manager at a restaurant, ship captain or director in a cruise, or somebody else in such similar areas. You should definitely check out the reasons why you should opt a career in the same field—

A job that pays well- A career in this industry would definitely pay you very well. There are ample of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. There is hardly any scarcity in this industry as it is continuously booming. You can opt for airplane pilot, cruise line representative, ship captain, flight attendant, and manager at a grand hotel, chauffeur, tour guide and many more. Most of these jobs pay really well. You do not have to worry about out of job anytime. MBA in hospitality doesn’t sound a bad option after all.

Get acclaimed anywhere in the world- With your skills, you can get acclaimed at anywhere in the world. There is always need for a restaurant manager, event planner, cruise ship captain, etc. everywhere. It is not specific to any particular country. And, your qualification is not restricted to the country you are pursuing it from. If you have dreamt of working in a restaurant in Paris, then you can fulfill your dream right away. With the right skills, you will be welcomed everywhere.

No fixed time- You can actually choose the time of your work in this profession. If you are someone who isn’t really a morning person, then you can definitely go ahead and get yourself a job that suits your choice. Opt for a restaurant where you are required to work only in the night shifts. It is not really important that you have to get up early in the morning every day. You may also take occasional breaks to spend time with your family. There is also possibility of earning full income for working full hours in a few days.

Lots of perks- Definitely the pay is competitive. But this is one career option that offers more than just money. Managers in the hospitality industry get compensation packages that include good financial incomes. Also, they get health and dental coverage. There is life insurance in many areas. If you choose cruise ship captain as your career, then you may well get to go to international destinations, spend a day or two there. Getting discounted flights, free drinks and food and complimentary tickets for game shows are also common.

Hospitality Industry Employs Millions Of People Throughout The World

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries and 212 million people are employed within this industry around the globe. The ability to assist people, meet their needs or simply make them feel comfortable is an essential component of most enterprises today. Therefore, even non-typical enterprises are hiring hospitality associates to create beneficial relationships with customers and prospects.

A new job is added to the hospitality industry every 2.5 seconds. Management positions within the hospitality industry are expected to grow to up to 35 percent. This industry also has a low injury rate. Due to the influx of new jobs, people may think that finding a job in the hospitality industry is easy. However, this is not the case. It is essential to be well trained in order to get a job. Fortunately, getting trained is straightforward. For instance, you can pursue a career in this industry by enrolling in hospitality courses at a good college.

The hospitality industry provides numerous opportunities for satisfying opportunities in management. If you have a pleasing personality and you love meeting new people, offering excellent customer service and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations, a career in hospitality could be right for you.

Many hospitality management courses are offered by reputed institutes in India and they can open the doors to this lucrative and promising career path. One of the courses you can take is hotel management, which may include a number of career profiles. For instance, you could work in catering, hotel and restaurant management, club management, tourism associations and guest houses among other establishments. Many hotels are setting up hotel chains around the world and this has opened up many opportunities for people to travel and stay in new places.

When you complete your hospitality management training, you can also take up a career in event management. Prior to pursuing this profession, you should consider its merits and demerits. Although the hospitality industry looks glamorous, you should be ready to work hard. You may be required to work long hours and deal with eccentric customers. Nonetheless, when you gain experience and advance your career, it will be rewarded with many perks thrown in.

You should, therefore, get started by choosing a reputed institute such as such as the Blue Whale Academy. The Blue Whale Academy has many years of experience in training students to work in the travel and hospitality industry. Our academy is recognized by the hospitality industry for the intensive professional training we offer. We also provide a platform for students to gain the skills they need to find employment at various levels in the travel and hospitality industry. We have trained hundreds of students in various long and short term courses. This includes university programs like Bachelor of Science and Masters of business administration. We also have a good track record of close to a hundred percent job placement for our students.

At the Blue Whale Academy, we understand the aspiration level of students to attain their goals in education and find the jobs they desire. We also understand the need of students to advance their careers. For this reason, we offer various courses that are recognized globally in association with credible awarding bodies and innovative content providers to ensure that students fulfill their career aspirations. We are an accredited training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation of the government of India because we address the relevant skill requirements of the travel industry.

Benefits Of Having A Travel And Tourism Diploma – A Rousing Future


The tourism and travel industry and the other sectors that contribute to it are expected to grow fast in the coming years. If you get a job in the hospitality and tourism industry, it can be exciting, adventurous and well paying. In order to pursue a job in this dynamic industry, you need training. You can choose to obtain a diploma in travel and tourism in order to get started with your career. This diploma offers vocational training to students who want to pursue careers in the tourism and travel industry.

By taking tourism courses, you will develop strong management and communication skills that will broaden your job prospects. There are many professional opportunities for students who have completed tourism courses. The jobs which can be available to you include tour manager, tourism officer, holiday representative, tourist information center manager and travel agency manager. The other professions that you can pursue after completing your tourism education include customer service manager, event manager, hotel manager, marketing executive and outdoor activities manager.

The tourism and travel sector is comprised of different industries and sub-industries. This includes services such as currency exchange, retail travel, tourist boards and tour operators. It also includes passenger transport such as aviation, coach, waterways, and rail. In addition, it includes visitor attractions like theme parks, heritage sites, zoos, and museums.

Various accommodation services are also in this category, including resorts, hotels and holiday parks. Associated with proper business operations and hotels are events and conferences. All these sub-industries offer considerable employment opportunities all year round for students who have a diploma in tourism and travel.

As a tourism and travel graduate, you will obtain knowledge about structures, products, and operations within the tourism industry. This includes learning about airlines, tour operators, hotels and tourist boards.

Through a combination of academic and vocational study, you will learn about the relationship between the providers of tourism services and consumers. You will also get information concerning the issues relating to social responsibility and sustainability within the tourism. Tourism courses will also equip you with a wide range of transferable skills like teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, presentation skills, IT skills, research skills and communication skills with a strong focus on the customer.

Finding part-time work opportunities in the tourism and travel industry is relatively easy because it is large and there are many kinds of visitor attractions and establishments in most countries all over the world. You can gain work experience by combining part-time work with your studies. Voluntary work can also be a good idea, particularly if it will allow you to gain experience in an area where job opportunities are scarce.