Hospitality and Tourism Myths

With the breaking down of barriers between countries, it has become very common for a family from a particular country taking a vacation in an attractive location of another country instead of going to only their domestic locations. Even from the point of view of business, globalization has meant more companies setting up offices in different countries which has let to lots of cross border travel. This has seen a lot of interest in international hospitality and tourism management courses. But because it has seen lots of evolutions in very short time in recent years, there have been many myths associated with hospitality and tourism. Let us take a look at some of them below :

  • Many people still believe that hospitality only refers to the hotel industry. As it has panned out in recent years, hospitality also includes many other aspects like wine tours, curated food destinations, ticketing and logistics, sea cruises etc., just to name a few.
  • Hospitality and tourism is an industry where you can dress up well and smile a lot. This is the wrong notion that several people have about the hospitality and tourism industries. It involves a lot of skill development, strategic planning, and sometimes physically demanding work as well (imaging standing for 8 hours straight at a front office).
  • Many people (and shockingly their children too, who are thinking about career choices) believe that the number of career options in the travel and tourism sector or in the hospitality industry are very limited. This could not be more wrong, and there is a surprisingly bewildering variety of hospitality courses one can choose from.
  • A big myth that is very commonly held is that there are not many places to get formally trained in hospitality and tourism. If the student does his or her homework well, there are a number of high quality institutes which offer UGC recognized courses which are respected in the industry.
  • The general image people associate with someone in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry is that they can speak well, they do look good, but they do not have brains enough. This is very demeaning and more so because it is totally wrong. When you undergo a course, you will be trained in business accounting, marketing, financial accounting, geography, and maybe even foreign languages.
  • The number of myths associated with this industry are legendary. Some people believe that everybody in the hospitality and tourism industry is paid a huge salary. While it is indeed true for some specific job roles, it is not true for everyone. On the other hand, the notion that many people hold about the low paying entry level salaries in this industry are also not accurate. The truth is that like any other industry, the salaries depend on the education and the experience, and also on the complexity of the job description.

For someone looking to make a career in the hospitality or the travel and tourism sector, it is important to look beyond these myths and find out authentic information about the courses, the institutes and the career options available.