The Challenges Faced by the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry is a good example of the volatile industries. To begin with, this industry is not immune from political, social and economic shifts. Many of these factors are outside the control of travel companies and tourism boards. However, being aware of the factors can enable people who have invested in this industry to be more proactive and develop adaptive strategies quickly. Some of the challenges faced by the travel and tourism industry include:


Tourism is one of the sectors that governments heavily tax. If you glance at the taxes paid on hotel rooms and airline tickets, you can get an idea of the way taxation can negatively affect tourism. It is therefore important for the travel and tourism industry to offer competitive prices for its services and products. Governments should also realize that tourists already contribute to local economies through purchases and other expenditures associated with tourism.

Travel marketing

Tourists or travelers can at times deem travel marketing to be false, inadequate or exaggerated. Marketing entities can change this perception by working towards creating innovative marketing solutions so that they can attract travelers. Travel marketers should also harness creativity and technology. They should also pay attention to local content.


Globalization has created less distinctive locales. Due to global standardization, indistinguishable products are found in every country. If a person is traveling in order to learn or have an opportunity to explore the different and unique, then the lack of unique products becomes a tourism challenge. An example is that shopping malls all over the world tend to offer matching products. Many travelers also find hotels to be so standardized to the point that they almost forget the country in which the hotel is located. Localization is vital. Therefore, travel firms and tourism boards should know how to connect with foreign travelers. They should create multilingual websites and use translation services.


Although security is a major challenge to the travel and tourism industry, many industry leaders have failed to confront security issues. A majority of tourism offices or visitor and convention bureaus lack or have almost no contact with law enforcement departments. Many police departments also lack officers who are trained in tourism oriented policing or protection services. It is vital for industry players to work towards creating a better security infrastructure for travelers.

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