Why MBA in Hospitality is in the Limelight in India?

There are enough reasons for the students now as to why they are pursuing an MBA in Hospitality. But if you are looking for enough reasons to make sure that you make the right decisions, you are on the right page. Considering a job in the hospitality industry comes with a lot of perks. You can be a manager at a restaurant, ship captain or director in a cruise, or somebody else in such similar areas. You should definitely check out the reasons why you should opt a career in the same field—

A job that pays well- A career in this industry would definitely pay you very well. There are ample of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry. There is hardly any scarcity in this industry as it is continuously booming. You can opt for airplane pilot, cruise line representative, ship captain, flight attendant, and manager at a grand hotel, chauffeur, tour guide and many more. Most of these jobs pay really well. You do not have to worry about out of job anytime. MBA in hospitality doesn’t sound a bad option after all.

Get acclaimed anywhere in the world- With your skills, you can get acclaimed at anywhere in the world. There is always need for a restaurant manager, event planner, cruise ship captain, etc. everywhere. It is not specific to any particular country. And, your qualification is not restricted to the country you are pursuing it from. If you have dreamt of working in a restaurant in Paris, then you can fulfill your dream right away. With the right skills, you will be welcomed everywhere.

No fixed time- You can actually choose the time of your work in this profession. If you are someone who isn’t really a morning person, then you can definitely go ahead and get yourself a job that suits your choice. Opt for a restaurant where you are required to work only in the night shifts. It is not really important that you have to get up early in the morning every day. You may also take occasional breaks to spend time with your family. There is also possibility of earning full income for working full hours in a few days.

Lots of perks- Definitely the pay is competitive. But this is one career option that offers more than just money. Managers in the hospitality industry get compensation packages that include good financial incomes. Also, they get health and dental coverage. There is life insurance in many areas. If you choose cruise ship captain as your career, then you may well get to go to international destinations, spend a day or two there. Getting discounted flights, free drinks and food and complimentary tickets for game shows are also common.